The Pool

Behind the house in the crazies of places there is a pool.
A very old pool, but a pool none the less.
What drove people to fill the old gal in with rubble, trash, tree stumps and garden refuse is anyone’s guess, but we got to work emptying the old thing out to see what kind of a state she was in.
Big job, but amazing the transformation.


Start of the compost pile

11 sept 2012

The start of my first compost pile.

First Fruit Trees

My first fruit trees to go in are two apricot trees I got from my parents place.
Not sure how well they will do in this climate, but we will see.
You can notice from the pics how brown everything goes in winter.
Come the summer rain and it will be a dramatic transformation into green and lush.

Display boards

Made these cool A-Frame display boards for our retailers.
Look great in stores.

New fence bordering the wild garden.

So why a fence blocking off the lower section you may ask.
Well German Shepherds have a bit of a habit of chasing and eating things, especially if they cluck or quack.
So just encase, or until they acclimatise to the new wildlife, I’m popping in a fence to cordon off the wild garden and orchard.
In there I plan to pop chickens and ducks to start, they will hopefully peck away at the grass down there and help keep it short.
There are currently ten trees in the orchard, but will eventually be between 20 and 25, so the critters will also get to gorge themselves on the unwanted fruit that drops from the trees.
Dam to follow too, that will be nice to fill with ducks.
Think its going to be very cool.
More pics on Facebook.

The Veggie Garden

Well the veggie garden is going banana’s
Well the Banana’s are almost ready too, but in general everything is growing like crazy.
Producing pretty much all my own fresh veg.
So nice to be able to go out and just grab handfuls of stuff for dinner.
So easy to manage now too that all the hard work is done.
This was dinner one night, Lettuce, Tomato, Radish, Onion, Carrot, Spinach, Pak Choi, Parsley, Coriander etc etc.
See more pics on Facebook.

New Seive

Spent the weekend building a new Davley Organics sieve for my brother.
The old one was a prototype and only supposed to be used temporarily.
Needless to say we got busy with other jobs and the prototype worked like a Trojan till it started falling apart.
New one is uber strong, efficient and massively productive.