Let the blogging begin!

Hi there and welcome to McNicklebee Farm Blog.

As I am relatively new to the world of blogging, it may take me some time to get into the swing of things. I should be pretty busy over the coming years, so I’m under no illusions, posts might not be all too regular, but the idea is to keep a record of my adventures.

My first blog was here and included my wormeries in London and my intention was to get my window cill aquaponics set-up on there too, but who has the time in London right!

Plans for my departure are proceeding nicely. I have moved out of my flat and am staying with my mate, who has very kindly offered me his spare room. Emigrating always involves a million small things to sort, a good to-do list is a must.

I plan to fly mid June or there about arriving in winter. This will give me plenty of time to acclimate to the heat and humidity I will be expecting in Nelspruit. To start though I will be flying to the coast to see my parents and then driving up to Nelspruit together. A good 1,500km drive, that’s about 17 hours, Ouch!

Yea, I heard you, rather me than you right!

The most important this is of course is the farewell party. I have booked the Smithfield Tavern in Farringdon London for 7pm till late.

Looking forward to seeing you all there 🙂


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