So what is Vermiculture?

For those of you asking the question, this is a excerpt from the Davley Organics web page, all credits Davely Organics Nelspruit South Africa.

Davley Organics use a windrow vermiculture system with the help of a very unique work force. Vermiculture is the conversion of organic matter into an extremely fertile fertiliser with the use of Tiger Earth Worms, commonly known as Red Wigglers (Eisenia Fetidia).

The process involves the digestion of organic matter by the wriggly workforce and the resultant production of two fertlisers.
Vermicast, the solid fertiliser, and Vermileacheate, the liquid extract commonly known as “worm tea”.

A few facts about Vermicast and Vermileachate:

  • Vermicast is an organic fertiliser as opposed to a compost.
  • Vermicast improves the physical soil structure.
  • Vermicast and Vermileachate (Worm Tea) enriches the soil with micro-organisms which attach themselves to plant root hairs and improve water absorption.
  • Microbiological activity is 10-20 times higher in Vermicast than in the soil.
  • Vermicast attracts earthworms already in the soil to the surface bringing nutrients to the plant’s root system.
  • Vermicast improves water retention properties in sandy soil.
  • Vermicast improves the plants health and resistance to bugs and infection. A healthy plant repels attacks by bugs.
  • Vermicast improves the root development and structure of the plant.
  • Applying Vermicast means that chemical fertilizer costs will decrease over time as the soil is improved to a balanced level so that chemical additives are not required.
  • Vermicast is applied at a rate of a handful per plant and does not leach away or deteriorate like chemical fertilizers.
  • Vermileachate is mixed at a ratio of 10:1 and applied as a foliar feed or through drip irrigation, a little goes a long way.

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