Boxing and shipping

There is something spiritual about wittling your life down to what you can carry, a strange inherent namadic sense of freedom, uncluttered, unburdened and simple.

For a person who doesn’t really like stuff, I sure gather a lot of it.

I think its because im interested in everything, love doing things and staying busy, so yes I only really buy stuff when I need to, but like everyone else, that stuff accumulates.

Getting rid of stuff in preparation has been therapeutic and exhilarating. I think there is a part of us all that wants to go, well, just dump it all on the street corner, you don’t really need it. The reality though is that to replace all these things when I want to ride a bicycle or wear a winter coat, go rollerbalding or rockclimbing, to buy all that stuff again will be so much more expensive than shipping.

I did throw out a lot of stuff and still have a few bits and bobs I need to find homes for before I fly but wherever you are there are always those items that you just can’t let go, a gift from a loved one, photos, bits and bobs from your travels.

Moving from the UK to South Africa, I chose Anglo Pacific, there track record looks good and they arrange all the forms and pay all required duties, as these are my houshold items, It should be as simple as boxing and sending and recieving on the other side…touch wood. I was a little concerned about theft and corruption. As I am shipping to South Africa there is a history and tradition of criminality in government positions, for example customs officials holding people’s possentions for ransom until bribes are paid to have it released, these “fees” usually made up on the spot and of course going directly into that officials pocket, are totally illegal of course, but Anglo Pacific has assured me that they have not had any trouble like this and all should be fine. I have also taken out full insurance on my shipping, which may be overkill, but I thought for the sake of a little extra, I would at least have a little extra peace of mind.

The last two days have been so busy. Empty boxes from the shipping company where delivered two weeks ago and I had been very good at throwing the random stuff at the boxes that I wanted shipped. Packing and boxing and taping and weighing, it always takes longer than you expect it to. Bicycles where dismantled, anything that could snap off was removed, covered in hard carboard and taped securely. Tyres where deflated and eveything packed into the bike boxes with large sheets fully encircling the whole lot to secure it. clothes then packed around as cushioning.

For a little extra Anglo made up  a wooden crate to go around my TV box, between all the cussioning and the crate, it should be able to withstand a hurricane.

So the last two days have been busy with yesterday being non stop. Boxes and paperwork sorted after midnight for a 7am collection. Note to self, do this stuff more in advance.

I taped up as many as the box edges as I could with the tape supplied, in future I would have taped all the edges before filling the boxes.

Weighing the boxes proved quite a trial, but developed a high tech, hockey stick, two belts and baggage scale solution.

With the boxes now gone, im free to relax a bit, catch up with friends and enjoy london before I fly end of next week. I’ll spend a few days in Johannesburg with friends and then fly to my parents house on the coast for a week for a little R&R, siteseeing and family catchup before driving the long cross country journey to Nelspruit to where my boxes will be delivered in a month or two’s time.


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