Farewell Dr Nic McNicklebee

8th June 2012 – Smithfield Tavern, Farringdon, London, UK

Hi everybody!
I just wanted to thank you all so much for such an awesome and memorable party.
It was more than I could have ever wished for and am really really touched.
Specials thanks to Judith and Theresa who im sure everyone will agree went far beyond the call of duty in their hand crafting of the amazing and beautiful cupcakes and farewell cake, complete with small delicately crafted rollerblades and SA/UK flags, I was seriously impressed and touched.
Special thanks also go to Roggie for organising a one way skate which brought many of you lovely crazy buggers strait to the front door and also to Stevie who very kindly cranked out the tunes that whipped the party into a McNicklebee de-clothing, cake smearing, dungaree bopping, ass shaking stonker of a party 🙂

A special thanks also to those who travelled from far afield to make it and for all the kind words and presents, I will miss you all more than I can put into words.
Dr Nic McNicklebee


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