Africa, the land of heat, dust and dreams.

It has been a long journey.
London England to Nelspruit South Africa, I have arrived safe and sound.

I had a good flight in to O R Thambo international in Johannesburg via Egypt.
Flight was nice and empty on the second leg, so managed to get a 4 seat centre isle to myself and had a good sleep all the way, lucky me!

Arrived early on a Saturday morning and kicked off my weekend in JHB with a burger with my mate Cathy, who I stayed with prior to flying down to the coast on Monday am.
I was pleasently reminded of all the South Africanisms that make life in this country so cool.
Beer and rugby at the local bar.
The freedom of being able to hop in your car and not having to think about train and bus schedules.
Beautiful hot and sunny weather, despite it being winter.
Braaivleis (BBQ) and friendly neighbours, green cream soda (The way its supposed to be) and the lively sounds of insects in the evening.
What a great weekend and a welcome back to The Mother Land, my liver was in need of the break down by the coast.

I have flown with Kulula Airlines many times before and they are without a doubt the coolest airline I have ever flow with.
They do budget flights locally in SA and always have the funniest air addendent speeches and safety demonstrations.
I would recomend anyone visiting SA to fly with them, if for nothing else, just for the fun and uniquely South African experience….I never though I would ever say that about an airline.

George is on the world renound Garden Route stretch of coastline, and is a town, not a person as some might expect.
Half way between Port Elizabeth and Capetown, it is a growing city, a lot bigger now than the dust patch I remember as a kid.
I joined my folks there for a week of catching up and relaxing with a short trip down the coast over the weekend, to my old home town, PE to visit friends and family.
We also managed to fit in a quick road trip over the mountains to a town called Prince Albert.
To cross the mountains we traveled through a mountain pass called the Meiringspoort Pass and returned via the Zwartberg Pass, both increadibly beautiful and steeped in history.

Leaving in convoy, crack of dawn on Tuesday morning, we started our butt breaking 1600km car journey to Nelspruit via Pretoria.
We split the trip over 3 days, spending a night in Bloemfontain and the second in Pretoria, with my Aunt who I hadn’t seen in many many years.
On route we also popped into to see The Owl House in New Bethesda, the old house and art project of Helen Martins, a creative and intereresting woman ahead of her times.
Her work, despite being surrounded by critical and persecutive smalltown mentality, ironically ended up putting New Bethesday on the map.
Her work is very intersesting, yet contrasted against the landscape and her life story, it make for a strange yet must see.

Two weeks after walking out the door in London, I have finally arrived here to my new home, new business and new life.
My folks will be spending a few weeks, so we’ll be working on the house and I’ll be getting up to speed on the day to day running of the farm.
I’m staying with my brother David and his wife Lesley next door while I make my place habitable.

I have a to-do list the length of my arm and am icthing to get things cracking.
So whats first on the to-do list


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