Week 1, Hitting the ground running!

A house is a very costly thing to fill, so I have been very fortunate to receive so much support from my family.
My parents, brother and sister in law and aunts have all pitched in and helped me with all kinds of bits and bobs.
Curtains, couches, kitchen appliances, crockery, utensils, cutlery, tools, you name it.
With a project as gargantuan as this, every little bit helps and they have all been very cool, thanks guys 🙂

This first week has been a busy one, nice and productive.
We’ve continued the painting of the inside of the house and started unpacking boxes.
Its so nice to rediscover treasures I packed away 10 years ago, when I left for England.
Things I made like wind-chimes, mobiles and candle holders, after all this time, seeing the light of day and finding a place anew in my new home.
With a carpet and a few couches it really is starting to look like a home now.
I blew the dust off my old bike and we got out into the hills for a bit of a ride.

On the business side of things, David and I built the prototype of our new and improved worm separator. Its working well with a couple of tweaks and improvements to follow soon.
Feels great to be able to make my first hands-on contribution to Davley Organics.

Lesley who runs Find It Promotions, has organised the local annual Nelspruit Motor show for years now and this year proved to be an absolute cooker.
I pitched in to help out where I could and had a great weekend, out in the sun amongst a hive of activity.
My first weekend back, the day before show day and of course some guys try to rob the Casino, the building adjoining the River Side Mall where the show was taking place.
So there where cop cars and helicopters…. Welcome home McNicklebee 😀


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