Eskom is the one and only electricity supplier in South Africa.
So they have no competition and were stuck with them until I can switch to renewables and go off grid.
Busy organising a new connection as we currently share an account with the neighbours.
Filled in our forms, paid or money and the waiting began.
A few weeks ago a van full of workers arrive and it takes all of them, half a day to dig tree holes, they leave saying they will be back first thing in the morning to finish the job aaaand nothing.
How they run a successful company…eish I don’t know!
The reason for this post….a wine…. not at all…. just thought you would find Africa Time amusing.
Only in Africa.


One thought on “Eskom

  1. lol Eishkom! Aw man keep bugging them till they come back & blimmin well fix it! Hope you can go off the grid soon soon! 😀

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