Bees have arrived at McNicklebee Farm

I helped my neighbour Johan out with a wormery for his kitchen waste and he very kindly gave me one of his bee hives which weren’t populated.
So I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and we popped a little honey on its front ramp.
I finally noticed that the bees have pulled in today.
There seems to be a hive of activity and they buzzy buzzy making it home sweet home.
Lets hope they are here to stay and not just visiting.
Home made honey!
Can I get a Woop Woop!


One thought on “Bees have arrived at McNicklebee Farm

  1. lol! buzzy buzzy :p woopwoop! Seriously didn’t know it was that simple getting them to make a nest…I want it to be that simple to get PoohBear to visit :D:D hehe

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