Bees have arrived at McNicklebee Farm

I helped my neighbour Johan out with a wormery for his kitchen waste and he very kindly gave me one of his bee hives which weren’t populated.
So I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and we popped a little honey on its front ramp.
I finally noticed that the bees have pulled in today.
There seems to be a hive of activity and they buzzy buzzy making it home sweet home.
Lets hope they are here to stay and not just visiting.
Home made honey!
Can I get a Woop Woop!


Oranges Nom Nom Nom

What I thought was an old and barren lemon tree has turned out to be an Orange tree
Harvested my first one today after giving it a dose of tea a little while ago.
Seems to have pushed it into fruiting and its fruiting like mad.
Bit tired of Guava juice now, so looking forward to loads of fresh squashed orange juice.
Nom Nom Nom!


A couple of months ago, I tipped a bunch of worm tea onto some of the guava trees I have inside my fence.
Well needless to day they exploded and we’ve been eating guava’s and making juice like crazy.
Been supplying the neighbours too, but they are producing way more than we can all eat.
Trees are drooping under the weight of fruit, quite amazing.
Incredible to see the fruiting of the guava trees outside my fence, fraction of the fruiting compared to the ones ive popped tea on.
With that said, I really can’t eat another guava.